Mobilheim Murano MBH-00010G 10,40 x 4,00 m

SKU: MBH-00010G
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Standard equipment

Exterior equipment:

EB7 Exterior lighting (1 pc. above the board)

EW2 Front doors 88 cm

E8M Double window panes

ET5 Safa window panes in high windows

E39 Galvanized chassis

Interior equipment:

IEC PVC flooring

ILG Interior doors

IZN LED lighting 9W

IQG Courtain rods

LX3 Curtains

IMC Tankless electric water heater

Living room:

LBE Couch

L4E Electric fireplace

L08 Cabinet for the fireplace

LHA Living room cabinets

LLG Interior doors

LOP TV socket


KSE Induction hob 4 places / KJC Gas Burner (4 places) (optional)

KMP Oven with fan

K7Z Ventilation hood with carbon filter

KH2 Kitchen sink with fixture

K5C Kitchen furniture

K99 Worktop

K7G Refrigerator with freezer 177l

KAW Cabinet for bult in refrigerator

KNB Kitchen table

K8D Roman blinds

Master Bedroom:

MVO Double bed

MZJ Upholstered headboard

MOU Matress

MH1 Custom-made furniture that include: wardrobe, hanging cabinets, bedside tables (2 pc.), hanging

Twin bedroom:

TZG Beds (2 pc.)

TNY Mattresses (2 pc.)

T5H Upholstered headboards (2 pc.)

TP8 Custom-made furniture that include: wardrobe, hanging cabinet


B31 Shower cubicle (integrated, waterproof)

BAE Shower faucet with handheld showerhead

BN9 Sink

B5F Sink fixture

BK9 Custom-made bathroom furniture

BJN Fabric blind (for high windows)

BEN Electric bathroom fan


R2M Sink

RP9 Sink fixture

RX4 Cabinet under the sink

RDK Mirror

R7V Toilet


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Products specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H) [m] 10,40 x 4,00
Square footage [m2] 41,60
Height of the room (min. / max.) [m] 2,13 / 2,48
Office No
Number of bedrooms 2
Bathrooms Bathroom + Toilet